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Welcome to [community profile] outside_the_mcu, where we encourage you to take your favorite MCU actors and play with them outside the MCU sandbox.

If you’re like me, the MCU introduced you to actors you weren’t familiar with, and you’ve since followed them into other fandoms. Many of which are small fandoms that don’t have individual comms dedicated to them, and those comms that do exist haven’t been updated in years. So this is basically an umbrella comm, covering all of those fandoms.

While my biggest draw is Clark Gregg, Jeremy Renner and Sebastian Stan, this community is open to any MCU-related actor. (That includes the television and Netflix shows, as well.) So while I might spend my time in Hansel and Gretel or Political Animals, you can post fanwork in Snowpiercer, Red Dawn or Master & Commander. Or any of the other myriad fandoms these actors have been in. (The actors and fandoms listed in the interests section are not exclusive.)

Read the rules on the profile before you post, and then please enjoy this community.

If you have any questions you may comment here or contact me at spikedluv @ dreamwidth.com.

If you’d like to affiliate, please comment here.

Thank you!

ETA: Our lovely header was created by [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair.

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